Friday, August 5, 2016

Member of the Senate gets in the Flow

Surfing's Green Senator

Current Tasmanian Greens Senator and surfer, Peter Whish-Wilson called into the Scamander Beach Surf Shop today to pick up his personally signed DVD copy of my '71 surf movie: 'In Natural Flow'.

Tasmanian Greens Senator
Peter Whish-Wilson
Photo opportunities were grasped - not battling the news hungry media scrum on the front steps of Parliament House in Canberra, but on the serene front deck of Dale Matheson's Scamander Beach Surf Shop on Lagoon Esplanade, in sleepy, but idyllic Scamander Beach, Tasmania. No better a location!

Peter is no stranger to these parts and not just a politician on a coastal run lending an ear to the local resident's concerns.

With a long and colourful history of being closely connected to the ocean, Peter is a past president of the North Branch of the Tasmanian Surfrider's Association. 

Over the years he's also been a regular in the water at the many classy surf breaks that surround the wholesome area.

My thanks go to Dale Matheson of the Scamander Beach Surf Shop for the great photo.

Being one of 76 Senators; I don't know how many Senators have pictures of pristine Australian surf breaks proudly hanging on their office walls in their offices inside the Parliament House building - but check the untarnished shot of Scamander Beach [below] that PWW has displayed in his Canberra office.

Being a Greens Senator - I guess that a fantastic ocean inspired nature shot is highly apropos. The windswept photo was taken by Dale Matheson on 2006.

The Senate is one of two houses in the Australian Federal Parliament and shares the power to make laws with the other House of Parliament, the House of Representatives.

Scamander Beach is located on Tasmania's North-East Coast - just 15-minutes south of the East Coast's biggest town, St Helens.

The image of Scamander River Mouth
that Tasmanian Greens' Senator

Peter Whish-Wilson has hanging 
on his office wall in Canberra
[click to enlarge]
If you're heading on a surf trip down Tasmania's East Coast and you need to pick up any surf related items or just want to talk to a highly experienced local surf native about the best spots to check out for the prevailing conditions - then make sure you call into the Scamander Beach Surf Shop or it's sister shop; the Bay Surf Shop in St Helens.

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