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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cronulla Point - A Gathering of Regals

Cronulla Point has seen a host of big-time, International surf stars tackle the testing reef wave location over the years. Even the prominent Pro Surf Contests of the eighties hit The Point. But it's the resolute group of hard core locals, that form the pre-'85 Cronulla Point surfers who have planned an assemblage for Saturday June 11th, 2011. It will be a time for some of the old gang to reunite their once puerile bodies and banter about the classic good old days.

The group of young 'old timers' are prepared to ride a wave of nostalgia when the
Cronulla Point boys get together again on June 11th, 2011. [Click photo to enlarge].
One of Cronulla Point's most enduring photos. Garry Birdsall
taken by Bob Weekes was featured on the cover of
Sydney based band - The Atlantic's 1962 album 'Bombora'.

Image courtesy of Cronulla Surf Museum
Looking back; the famous Hawaiian surfer, Duke Kahanamoko even took to the untamed waters off Cronulla Point during his 1915 visit to the Shire. So did the group of touring American surfers who came out during the Olympics in Melbourne in 1956. They impressed the pants off all the locals with their [then] modern fibreglass covered 10 foot solid balsa boards. Many heroes, villains and monster waves and come and gone in the years in between.

Localism ruled and strict pecking orders were an unwritten form of the 'chain of command' at all of Cronulla's breaks and each surf spot had its own homies. There were The Alley boys, The Shoe's Crew, The Wanda gang, Midway boys, and the various board riding clubs. The Point surfers had its gang too, with names like Popout, Rolf Rotten, The Bear and The Reptile, just to mention a few.

Over 100 of the lads, many of who have long since de-camped, will rally at Club Cronulla [formerly Cronulla Bowling Club] on Saturday June 11th to talk about tall tales and true from the legendary past. I've got a strong feeling there'll be some invention at the convention.

If you feel you qualify, a pre-paid cost of $95.00 includes at 3-course meal and some drinks and a collector's edition t-shirt artfully put together by Point veteran, Mark Aprilovic, the original founder of Cronulla Surf Design, now head honcho of the Cronulla Surf School. Enquires go to PO Box 149, Cronulla, NSW, 2230.

Steve Core