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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Vintage Swap Meet - Coolangatta

Underground Surf
One Slightly Obsessed Collector holds his own Swap Meet

Coolangatta Event poster
Slightly obsessed - they're the best kind aren't they?

Co-owner of Underground Surf in McLean Street, Coolangatta, Andre 'Ondi' Marsaus has his own Vintage Swap Meet coming up on Saturday 8th October, 2011.

A highly impassioned collector, Ondi, runs the surf emporium with his partner Maree.

So if you're in the market to buy/sell/swap up any old vintage surfboards or related gear, the Southern end of the Gold Coast is the place to head on October 8th.

If you want some of idea how deep Ondi is in - you have to have a peek at the current issue of the awesome free bi-monthly surf magazine, Smorgasboarder.

They just published a two-page spread featuring Andre 'Ondi' Marsaus and part of his collection of over 300 boards. [see insert right].

Meet the Fleet: This assemblage of foam and fibreglass
represents about one quarter of Ondi's classic
surfboard collection. Above are pages
48-49 of the new Smorgasboarder Magazine

[Click to enlarge]
Event organisers, Ondi and Maree are on the lookout for more contributions to add to the gathering. So if you have something to display or offer, consign, swap, or just want to get an appraisal done - then make sure you contact them.

Should be a real fun day and a good chance to rub shoulders with many fellow enthusiasts. It's always interesting to see what gets dragged out from the rafters.

This is all part of testing the waters for the big Bleach Surf Festival that will be coming up on the Gold Coast in February in 2012.

Here's the skinny...

Location: Underground Surf
Date: Saturday 8th October, 2011
Time: 10:00am until 2:00pm
Call: 07 5599-1040 for more info or help

READ FREE: The new 164-page Smorgasboarder Magazine on-line. Click here

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Report: The 3rd Deus Surf Swap Meet



Stefan's Wall of Death; where old and unwanted
surfboards come to find new life and love.
The 3rd Deus Surf Swap meet went down at the Deus Ex Machina HQ on Parramatta Road, Camperdown in Sydney on Saturday 9th October, 2010. The Weather Channel had predicted light showers for the day, luckily for event organisers, conditions remained dry under foot - but with a flat, cool, overcast permeating for the entire day.

Organisers would have been happy with the eventual dry weather outcome, but there must be growing concern amongst the good folk at Deus that a few of the promoted industry icons that were billed to appear, were all last minute no-shows for the event. Leaving a little more bare concrete in the thinned-out display area than promised. I am not sure of the reasons behind the absenteeism.

As internally promoted and promoted on this site; there was no Alby Falzon and his Morning of the Earth merchandise. No Martin Worthington – celebrated air-brush artist of Hot Buttered fame. No Benny from Six Ounce at Bondi Junction. And several other collectors did not appear with their collections.

Tony the pin striper details a board purchased from
the wall by an Irish tourist. 'The Clashmore Riders'
Retired surf film-maker David ‘The Mexican’ Sumpter did appear; ‘The Mex’ journeyed down from his home in Mullumbimby to vend his collectable surf and surf movie related items. I had to feel sorry for The Mex when one potential customer picked up a Morning Of The Earth DVD set and asked The Mex to sign it. The Mex responded politely with; “you don’t want my signature on there” and the befuddled customer replied; “why? you’re Alby Falzon aren’t you?”.

Despite the gloomy day that may well have contributed to keeping visitor numbers down, a steady and varied crowd trickled through at a consistent rate for most of the trading day. The crowd is an interesting mix of leather and thongs. Motorcycle and surf. Boulevard and Beach. Oil and sand.

On the positive side of the ledger;

Tony ‘Airspeed’ the amazing pin-striper from Goulburn was performing his astonishing, brush-painted, complex web of decorative fine strokes ‘by steady hand & eye’. In these days of computer aided design and vinyl cut graphics, I watched Tony performing his accurate pinline illustration work on skim boards, skateboards, bikes and on a surfboard.

Rainbow Fins and their new 'stained glass' fin
Stefan's Wall of Death had some interesting boards up for sale and prices were quite fair and reasonable. I saw some boards on there for as low as $35 and $50.

I spotted a few celebs in the crowd. Most notable was HG Nelson of the HG and Roy radio and TV comedy duo fame. Their comedic style has been described as; "making the serious trivial and the trivial serious". Not sure if HG was there for the surf or cycles.

Surf Film supremo, Jack McCoy turned up and promptly threw up a couple of classic boards from his own personal collection onto the wall for display. A classic restored Gordon Merchant [Billabong founder] shaped board and another restored classic find, a Gerry Lopez, ex- Bali, personal Lightning Bolt board that spent 20 years as a Bali rental board. For devotees, Jack's new film 'A Deeper Shade of Blue' coming real soon. He promises.

I also chatted with Gary Crockett who is the curator charged with the responsibility of pulling together the Surf City exhibition. He was cruising around looking for ideas, inspirations and contacts. Surf City will be a collection of surf memorabilia and cultural items and will take an incredible, in-depth look at the evolving culture of surfing in the '50s, '60s and '70s in Sydney. Surf City will be on at the Museum of Sydney in September 2011. One to mark in the diary for sure.

Graeme from California Surf Imports had his beautiful Bing Surfboards on display, plus an awesome range of US made fins from the Rainbow Fin company, that he also imports and sells. Their new 'stained glass' fins are a dazzling artwork within themselves. Teal Nippard from Craft Surfboards was under his palm fond lined marquee [nice touch], displaying and working on his Alaia Paulownia timber boards.

Cronulla's John Mingramm has invested in the challenge
of learning to surf again - on a timber Alaia board.
Teal Nippard of Craft Surfboards shows encouragement
A few Cronulla locals were seen strolling the midway. Mathew ‘Cookie’ Cook just back from a month surfing and relaxing in Byron Bay. Cronulla’s hot surfing brother duo; Terepai & Tainui Richmond also checking out the meet.

Cronulla Longboarder John Mingramm, grabbed a bagful of Deus clothing specials and 'Mingo' actually purchased an Alaia timber board from Teal Nippard and is taking it back to the golden beaches of The Shire to “give it a go”.

Word around the Meet suggested that Meet #3 didn't quite have the vibe and buzz of the preceeding Meets #1 and #2. It seems the challenge that now lies ahead is to keep up what appears to a flagging momentum for the 4th Deus Surf Swap Meet – which is ear-marked for March next year.

Original Deus conspirator; the Board Collector; aka Damion, is blowing town and has taken up a new job as world-wide head of apparel at Nixon in Southern California this month. Damion's vacancy of Swap Meet 'Chief Cook & Bottle Washer' will be filled by Deus’ astute Uncle Keith, who will be left to take the helm, steady the ship, maintain a true course and find the wind to fill the sails and move forward once again.

Story & Photos: Steve Core

More photos on the Deus site. Click here


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Deus Surf Swap Meet #3

Deus Surf Swap Meet #3

For the second time in two weekends in Sydney, surf aficionados and purveyors of fine collectable surf items will gather to shoot the breeze and try to please, this time; at the Third Deus Surf Swap Meet.

Organised by Damion, aka: The Board Collector who is a Deus employee - the Meet goes down on the tarmac of the Deus carpark adjacent the Deus Ex Machina showroom at 104 Parramatta Road in Sydney's Camperdown. [Hey - I was born in Camperdown... cool!].

Although it's not a salty location, there's further historic surf bloodlines in this immediate area. In the 60's, most surf movies used to screen or premiere at Sydney University's Union Theatre - just up the street a tad from Deus HQ [it's now called the Footbridge Theatre]. It's the first venue I ever saw Bruce Brown's original Endless Summer... way back when.

Attending the compact Number Three Swap Meet cultists can expect to see & meet:

Pioneer surf photographer and surf-film maker, producer of Morning of the Earth, Albe Falzon will be on hand merchandising MoE collectable items, surfboards and DVDs. Martin Worthington who's exceptional airbrush work is famous for gracing many of Terry Fitzgerald's Hot Buttered Surfboards. Worthington's works in this medium are painted with an exquisite sense of colour and are considered to be the best by an Australian artist. Graeme from Californian Surf Imports, importers of Bing Surfboards - will be showing off his latest high-end, US-made boards from this iconic and famous Californian surfboard maker.

Stefan's urban 'Wall of Death' and
the fun of the Swap Meet.
Photo: Carby Tuckwell
There's Stefan's 'Wall of Death' - a wall of surfboards standing upright where for $10, they will vend your pre-1990 surf shooter while you cruise the meet and sip a cappuccino. Tony 'Air Speed', a famous pinstriper and custom painter will be on hand to paint anything you want to bring along to be adorned with his specialised fine line work.

Benny from Six Ounce will showcase is collection of boards and represent the guys from Surf Culture at Bondi Junction. Semi-retired surf film maker, David 'The Mexican' Sumpter will be making the trip down from his hippy home in Byron Bay back hills and will be merchandising his surf collectable memorabilia.

The Board Collector will be hawking off part of his 60+ board collection, as he is moving to California soon. Additionally, Tony, is displaying his beautiful vintage surfboard collection - which is always for sale to the right buyer. Wayne from the Central Coast will be bringing down his lifetime collection of boards for show and sale. Monkey Bike Club will have bikes for sale. Plus heaps more.

Food is readily available both on site and at the next door Deus Cafe. There will be lucky door prizes.

Where: Deus Ex Machina, 104 Parramatta Road, Camperdown.

When: Saturday 9th October, 2010

Any enquires call Uncle Keith on 0417 217 530 or

Admission is free - just bring a smile and some surf stoked enthusiasm.

For additional Info: The Board Collector or Deus