Logos, decals, markings and stickers

A small [but growing] collection of stickers, decals and logos from surfboards manufactured in the Cronulla/Taren Point area...

Gordon & Smith Surfboards
Custom Shaped by Floyd Smith
Used in the '60s, this unique 'sahdow' rendition of the original G&S logo was adapted for boards
personally shaped in Australia by Floyd Smith. As far as we know, this logo was never used in the US
G&S, San Diego-based operation. Very rare to find boards these days with this logo.
Norm Casey Surfboards
The Norm Casey Surfboards logo - this version above is another water-slide decal - it also appeared on surfboards.
This original Norm Casey logo was re-birthed into the Peter Clarke logo

when the company changed both ownership and operating names in '65.

Peter Clarke Surfboards
The standard green Peter Clarke logo was re-styled and morphed from the original
Norm Casey Surfboards logo when Norm Casey went into receivership in 1965.

Peter Clarke - Casey's accountant at the time - took over the business.
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Gordon and Smith Surfboards
With Peter Townend a 'in-house' shaper, in the late seventies Gordon and Smith
manufactured 'Bronzed Aussies' Surfboards under a licencing agreement.

The Bronzed Aussies were formed in 1976
Above; The popular shortened G&S logo with the Bronzed Aussies logo
Gordon and Smith Surfboards
The Bobby Brown Stringerless Model
Exclusive to G&S Australia

Gordon and Smith Surfboards
Ian 'Kanga' Cairns G&S Model from the late seventies
when the Bronzed Aussie boards were being produced.
Very rare - perhaps less than 100 boards ever made.
Photo taken: Mick Mock Auction 2010.
Gordon and Smith
Small logos on the tail - shaped by - Terry 'Snake' Bishop
Terry Bishop shaped at G&S from '72 to '87
Photo taken: Mick Mock Auction 2010

Southern Comfort Surfboards
Main logo.
Mostly shaped by the late Danny Childs in Taren Point in the
mid-seventies to late seventies.
Force 9 Surfboards
Gary Green Model
Shaped by Wayne Roach
Something Incredible Surfboards
By John Rhodes and Darrell Eastlake - Circa 1968
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Baron Surfboards
Started making boards in '68. A joint collaboration between Peter Clarke
Surfboards and the 7-shop chain; Dee Why Surf Shops.
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Bob Hansen Surfboards
Founded by Bob Hansen - in the late sixties
Like Occy - Bob was from Kurnell
Manufactured behind Bob's brother's Total Service Station on the Kingsway in Cronulla
Bob later shaped at Gordon & Smith and left in the mid-seventies
Last known residence; Forster/Tuncurry area, NSW
Express Surfboards
Current 2013 'Dice' logo

Gordon and Smith Surfboards
Hot Stuff model by '76 World Champion - Peter Townend
Outline impression is PT performing is Soul Arch bottom turn
Gordon and Smith Surfboards
This logo used in Australia in the late sixties was
designed, printed and imported from the US
and was refection of the flower power 'Woodstock' generation
Gordon and Smith Surfboards
In the mid-seventies, Alan Blyth, used the old Surfboards Australia logo to identify his hand-shaped boards at Gordon and Smith Surfboards. Interestingly, this was one of the very first logos to feature the Southern Cross and the Federation Star in its motif design. A logo concept that has become very prominent every where these days.

Gordon and Smith Surfboards
Former Queenslander and ASP World Champion, Peter Townend, spent some years living and surfing in Cronulla. This Porpoise 'Hand Shaped Tubeshooters by Peter Townend' logo appeared regularly on all the boards he shaped in the Taren Point factory. PT moved to California in '77 and 2011 he still lives and surfs daily in Huntington Beach.

Gordon and Smith Surfboards
Surfboards bearing this Driving Force by Steve Griffiths logo were produced at The Gordon and Smith factory in Taren Point just prior to Steve Griffiths leaving to set up Emerald Surfboards in 1976.
Griffo says; "there would not too many boards with these logos kicking around".

Photo taken: Mick Mock Auction 2010.

Gordon and Smith Surfboards
This classic G&S logo was first introduced in San Diego in 1961. In the very early sixties in California, G&S were first to popularise the concept of printed t-shirts for surfers bearing this logo. When Californian transplant, Floyd Smith first started making boards in Taren Point in '65, Floyd retailed t-shirts with this popular logo on them for just $2.00
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Peter Clarke Surfboards
One of the distinctive and classic logo designs used by Peter Clarke over the years.
Simply for variety, it came in several different colour ways.
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