Monday, September 20, 2010

Mick Mock's Vintage Surf Auction

Preview: Tender disposal

It's Spring time - so it's on again. This coming weekend, Sydney's Harbord Beach cliffs will echo with sound of the auctioneer's hammer as Mick Mock conducts his 9th seasonal Vintage Surf Auction of surfboards and collectable surf memorabilia. Multi-vendor Surfboards from every era will be available for sale to the highest bidder.

Everything from the most popular collecting era's of original '60s longboards through to single fins and twin fins of the '70s and '80s and beyond will be up for sale.

Foam & Fibreglass float on a sea of blue carpet
at last year's auction at Harbord Diggers Club.

Photo: courtesy of The Board Collector
Additionally the auction encompasses many different collecting areas, including all types of collectable surf related items from skateboards, to surf movie posters, surfing magazines, artwork and photographs through to surf rarities. All will be on display and up for bids by serious collectors.

This year, a rare Mark Richards hand shaped, combo trifin/twin fin will feature as one of the eye catching classics going under the hammer. Along with a Terry Fitzgerald 7ft flyer swallow-tail.

Long board aficionados will be impressed with some fetching old Brookvale product also up for bid. Top names like Keyo, Barry Bennett, Bill Wallace and Gordon Woods should bring in top dollar bids; expecting to reach around the $2,000 mark.

I will be going along to see if there are any old south-side boards up for sale. I'll be looking for any old Norm Casey, Peter Clarke, Baron, Gordon & Smith or Jackson product.

If you are thinking of going, pre-auction viewings are your perfect opportunity to inspect each lot prior to the auction in a relaxed and unrushed environment. We encourage you to look closely and examine each object you may wish to bid for so that you are completely familiar with its condition prior to sale - as these items are sold without warranty.

Public viewing of the available of all lots is on Saturday afternoon September 25th from 3pm to 5pm and again on the morning of the Auction day: Sunday September 26th from 9.15am to 10.00am. All viewing sessions are free entry.

The first fall of the hammer begins at 10.30am on Sunday.

Harbord Diggers Club
Corner of Evans Street and The Drive, Harbord Beach, Sydney

No matter what your speciality collecting interest is, there's plenty to check out right across the surfing spectrum of collectables. Mick is an old analog guy, so there's no website related to the auction. Just simply turn up, Harbord is one beach north of Manly and the Diggers Club look right down onto the beach, then you can become part of the fun and excitement.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cronulla's old Origin legend in the fight of his life

Darrell Eastlake

Old Cronulla surfing identity Darrell Eastlake is now back at his home on Scenic Drive, Terrigal on the NSW Central Coast after a recent near death stint in Hospital.

Darrell Eastlake at his home in Terrigal
Photo: Tim Hunter, Sunday Telegraph.
The 68 year old Big D rose to national fame as a cultural icon during his time as a the Nine Network's sports commentator with classic calls on everything from weight lifting, to surf club events, auto racing and of course; the NRL's State Of Origin co-hosting with another Cronulla identity - Jack Gibson.

Darrell has recently had more serious health battles to face with a combination of Alzheimer's disease, dementia and emphysema slowing down the once tall and strong man. His illness has rendered him bed ridden and relying on a walking cane to be able to move about.

Darrell has a long lost connection with the Cronulla area, living and surfing here for many years. I first met Darrell when I was working at Peter Clarke Surfboards in 1967 in Taren Point and big Dazza came in to custom order a new board. At the time I am sure he was a member of the Wanda Surf Club.

He ordered a purple solid resin board. Purple we all thought? Only Greek families used the colour purple back in those days - usually to paint their houses! But the Big D was always making some kind of statement. That's the type of guy he is.

At Burleigh Heads as a 4GG Announcer
in 1974. Photo: National Library
From his earliest days as a Qantas Baggage handler, Darrell was also involved administration wise with the early Bobby Brown Contests in Cronulla in the late sixties, he managed the Gordon Woods Surf Shop in the Beach Park Arcade and was the first person to do Cronulla Surf Reports live-to-air on AM radio for 2UW [before FM]. In the early days of Graham Cassidy's ground breaking 2SM/Coke Surfabout Contests, Darrell was a multi media reporter.

He also launched a famous campaign in the late sixties where he grew sick of the Northside domination of the Sydney surfing scene and he united our local Shire board builders in a promotion to jointly state that the South had risen again. Using the old US Confederate Army flag as a symbol of unity and rebellion.

Darrell spent 7 years on the Gold Coast as a 4GG sports caster and started the Gold Coast Rugby League Show. He then went to NBN-3 television in Newcastle where he hosted the Sports Show. I was even a guest on his TV show in Newcastle while promoting surfing films.

Darrell interviews Rabbit at the 2007 Stubbies re-union.
Photo: Surfinsnapps
Darrell went to Channel 9 in 1982 to call the Brisbane Commonwealth Games. He did the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary and also co-hosted Sports Sunday with surfing's Mark Warren. He was the longest serving 9 Sports commentator until he announced his retirement in 2005.

There's a great August 2010 interview available on-line on Channel 9's 'A Current Affair' website with Darrell. Click here to see it if you missed it.

Although he's currently battling short term memory loss, if you watch the interview, you'll quickly realise there's plenty left in the Big D's long term storage tanks and occasionally you hear that booming 'huge' voice rise to excitement as he fondly talks about the good old days.

We all wish big Dazza the very best, hang in there mate, we love ya'.

Steve Core