Monday, February 16, 2015

Cronulla legends rebound ...


15th February, 2015: Surf legends hit Cronulla town this past weekend for the continuing Duke Kahanamoku 100 year celebrations of surfing in Cronulla.

It took me 50 years to get my photo taken
standing with two of Cronulla's all-time
surfing legends. Now; a treasured moment ...
Left, Steve Core, middle, Garry Birdsall,
right, Nigel Dwyer
Tonight, I was pleased to host in the Watergrill Restaurant for dinner, two iconic Cronulla 1st generation absolute living surf legends.

I could not pass up the fantastic and rare photo opportunity and here I am [yes!, finally] pictured with two of my surf heroes; Garry Birdsall [middle] and Nigel Dwyer [right].

These two men were powerful cultural idols of their time. Both of these guys were featured in the leading surfing magazines of the '60s and were recognised to be among the best surfers in Australia. 

In the early to mid '60s, Cronulla, along with the rest of coastal Australia - beach resorts and towns were in full economic surf boom. This surf image, helped build the very props on which Australia's broader self-image has been raised on.

Both Garry and Nigel worked for leading and innovative Taren Point-based Surfboard builder - Norm Casey Surfboards in the '60s.

In a career highlight moment [for any surfer, of any era] Garry was memorably photographed and featured on the cover of Australian surf-rock band, The Atlantics, 1963 surf music album Bombora - taking an incredible backside drop on massive wall at Cronulla Point. Iconic images like this were spikes on a surf fever popularity chart.

Garry, who once designed surfwear for Golden Breed has developed into one of Australia's leading surf artists - you've seen & know his work I'm sure... check it out on his website:

Nigel departed the shores of Cronulla for New Plymouth New Zealand where, 50 years ago, he established his surf business. There's no better example of how Nigel went on to build one of New Zealand's most iconic surf brands & shops.

I was so stoked to see these two guys I used to look up to and just worship. Needless to say they formed a big part of the weekend's reunion of old Cronulla surfers celebrating Cronulla's rich and colourful surfing history.

It's taken me 50 years to get my mug in a photo with these two living Cronulla surf legends. Stoked.

To have a better look at Garry Birdsall's amazing surf artworks, you can visit his on-line store by clicking here.

To read more about the history of '60s surf rock band The Atlantics click here


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Surf Retrospect

Surf Retrospect

Saturday Feb 7th, 2015

Rydges Hotel, Cronulla

February 7, 2014 marks the centenary of surfing at Cronulla, and Cronulla Chamber of Commerce will kick off the official Surf Retrospect celebrations with a formal dinner and fund-raiser at Rydges Hotel, Cronulla.

February 7, 2015 actually marks 100 years since Hawaiian, Duke Kahanamoku first introduced modern surfboard riding to Cronulla by demonstrating the art with a performance at Cronulla Beach.

The Chamber is inviting sponsors to support this event through donation of prizes which will be auctioned or raffled on the night to raise money for two local, non-proft charities – Cronulla Neighbour Aid and the Dandelion Support Network – and to set up a Surfing Cronulla trust for the development of local junior surfers.

Cost of the tickets is $100.00 per person, which includes a three-course meal and drinks. Tables of 10 are available. Click here to book and pay for a ticket on line. Or contact Mark Aprilovic at:

Check out -


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Dick Hoole drops into Cronulla

Dick Hoole drops in to Cronulla
Watergrill Restaurant

Cronulla had a touch of surf media celebrity status this week with a visit from retired surf film-maker Dick Hoole and a budding Japanese surf film-maker.

Dick Hoole [left] and visiting Japanese surf film-maker Mamoru Kimura enjoy lunch
in Cronulla at the Watergrill Restaurant in the Cronulla RSL.

Dick Hoole and Steve Core [right] catch-up at the
Watergrill Restaurant in Cronulla
Dick Hoole and Jack McCoy teamed up in the early ’70s and made their first film in 1976, In Search of Tubular Swells. The following year they released Jeffrey’s Bay Dream and Stubbies. The dynamic duo also produced another all time classic, Storm Riders in 1982.

Barry “Dick” Hoole grew up in Sydney – near the famous Bondi Beach. In Dick’s words “Barry was a real person whose mother loved him, Dick was my fantasy character who only cared about surfing”.

In 1967, shortly after he left school for good in search for surf, Dick began working at San Juan Surfboards in Byron Bay – a hangout for surfing greats like eccentric George Greenough, Bob McTavish and travelling pros like Californian surfer Mike Doyle and Hawaiian Randy Rarick. Within a couple of years Dick was off to Hawaii where Randy Rarick hooked him up with a job at the Dewey Weber Surfboard factory, where he met Jack McCoy.

Shortly after Jack McCoy moved to Australia, he and Dick Hoole teamed up taking surf photos and began selling their pictures under the name Propeller Promotions. Their work was turning up everywhere – and surfers liked what they saw. It was around this time that they started thinking about making a 16mm surf movie.

So together they made their first film in 1976, In Search of Tubular Swells. The following year they released Jeffrey’s Bay Dream and Stubbies. The dynamic duo next teamed up to produce Storm Riders in 1982.

These days Dick is semi-retired and lives in Byron Bay. He has never been far from his first love of surfing and works daily at running the Classic Surf Company, which sells surfing DVD’s, surf collectables and surfing images.

Dick will be back in Cronulla for February to sell his wide range of surfing nostalgia products at our month-long Celebration of Surfing Festival: Surf Retrospect


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Night At the Museum - Review

In Natural Flow
Surf World - Gold Coast

02 JAN 2015

This review of the In Natural Flow screening night was posted on Surf World's website: 

What a night for Surf World GC!!! For the first time since our opening Surf World GC had to close its doors (for safety reasons) for an event. Our event area was filled to capacity and we apologise to those who were refused entry and to those who had restricted viewing of the movie.

Photo from the night: Tim Baker MC has the microphone. On the right of him; Wayne 'Rabbit' Bartholomew and Steve Core
Click on photo to enlarge 

Those that were able to gain entry were treated to a smorgasbord of surfing by the best surfers of the era with some of the first ever footage of Michael Peterson and Peter Townend. So many of the stars of the era were in attendance that the event became a gathering of the tribe and the autograph hunters had a field day.

All in all a great night was had by all and our thanks go to Tim Baker, Warren Delbridge, Steve Core, Peter Townend and Rabbit Bartholomew (who celebrated his 60th birthday). Thanks to Andy Mac for the extensive media coverage and to those who promoted the movie on their web sites and Facebook.

To visit the Surf World Gold Coast website click here

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

View a trailer from In Natural Flow

"In Natural Flow" - 1970's Surf Movie Promo Trailer from Warren Delbridge on Vimeo.

Promotional trailer for Steve Core's "lost" 1972 surf classic In Natural Flow, capturing vintage Kirra Point in all its '70s glory; a natural wonder that a younger generation of Gold Coast surfers have never experienced first-hand. 

The tube-riding of Michael Peterson and Peter Townend in particular, set a new benchmark in performance surfing that helped catapult Gold Coast surfers onto the world stage. With sensational cameos from Peter Drouyn, Keith Paull, Andrew McKinnon, Richard Harvey and many other greats of the era, In Natural Flow illuminates a pivotal era in Australian and Gold Coast surfing. Trailer musical backing track by kind courtesy of the NZ band: 'The Black Seeds'

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The lost classic surfing film: In Natural Flow

In Natural Flow
Surf World, Gold Coast

Friday Jan 2nd, 2015 was a sellout night at Surf World on the Gold Coast when In Natural Flow was screened to the public for the first time in over 30 years. In Natural Flow was my first 16mm surfing film that was shot in 1971.

In Natural Flow features the surfing of the new rising brigade of surfers who were emerging on the Gold Coast in the early '70s and went on to form part of a new generation of World Surfing champions. The film features Queenslanders Peter Townend and the legendary Michael Peterson surfing the classic uncrowded famous Qld point breaks of Kirra Point, Rainbow Bay and Snapper Rocks.

Surf World Jan 2nd, 2015: From LtoR. Surfing journalist Tim Baker, Surf film historian and restoration specialist, 
Warren Delbridge,'76 ASP World Champion, Peter Townend, In Natural Flow film-maker, Steve Core
In 2015 - In Natural Flow is available on DVD for the first time in 44 years. 

To see a preview clip of In Natural Flow click here

To purchase In Natural Flow or Ocean Rhythms go to our on-line store


Thursday, January 8, 2015

First World Champion Peter 'PT' Townend posted this 'Cronulla' shot recently on his Facebook page.

Peter Townend - North Wanda '72 - Photo: Graham Sorrenson

When I first hit Cronulla in '72 with Steve Core around Rip Curl Bells time of that year, I had a perfect sandbank day at North Wanda.

One of Steve's mates; Graham Sorrenson, a first generation Cronulla surfer from the '60s, snapped this shot of me in a crisp little green room tube.

This same shot would later become the title Masthead shot of my weekly newspaper column called "In the Tube" with Peter Townend in the Tweed/Coolangatta Daily News!

Note: PT will be making personal appearances in Cronulla in Feburary 2015 at the Duke Kahanamoku Cronulla celebrations. When Cronulla will come alive with surf related events to celebrate 100 years since Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku gave his first demonstration of surf board riding on Cronulla's beaches. 

For further information about the 100 years of Surfing in Cronulla events & celebrations: Check the Surfretrospect website by
clicking here