Saturday, August 14, 2010

Frank Latta Tribute

Very sad news with the passing of Cronulla surfing legend Frank Latta in August 2010.

I knew Frank very well in his old Cronulla days. He actually shaped surfboards for me in 1969 when I was making surfboards under my own name, Steve Core Surf Boards in Taren Point.

The footage I have posted here on You Tube is from my 1971 16mm film 'In Natural Flow'. I shot the footage of Frank at Sandshoes Reef in Cronulla in 1971. In 2010, thanks to the technical wizardry of the guys at Video-8 the footage has come up really crisp and sharp - considering it is 39 years old.

I had the footage close on hand because in the past couple of months I have been preparing 'In Natural Flow' to be re-mastered onto the digital format for general release on DVD in September/October this year.

The original 16mm Frank Latta footage at Sandshoes Reef is a buried treasure unearthed, because 'In Natural Flow' has not been screened or seen the light of day anywhere for over 30+ years.

For more information and details on my two films 'In Natural Flow' [1971] and 'Ocean Rhythms' [1975] please visit my website at Utmost Spirit.

Steve Core

Ad from Witzig's Surf International
magazine in 1969 when Frank
shaped for me
[click to enlarge]

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome to my new surf blog...

Hello everyone.

Thanks for visting my new blog...

I am starting to compile a list of Surf Shops and Surfboard Manufacturers and Surfboard Shapers from the Cronulla area.

This may become a reasonable reference tool for people researching old surfboards, equipment and surf people.

My interest is that in the Cronulla area I have worked in and owned Surf Shops, I have worked in and owned a Surfboard factory. I have also edited & published a glossy surfing magazine, I have been a 'still' surf photgrapher and I have made 16mm surfing films and videos - all over the past 45 years.

To start to build the reference files, I am dividing the blog's pages up into separate categories. Click on the right hand side of this page [under the pages heading] to visit the individual pages. As the information expands I may have to come up with another solution.

I would love to hear from anyone with further information to contribute, stories and even better if you have any photos or old images to accompany the words - that would be fantasic.

If you would like to read more about my personal history and the 16mm Surfing Films I have produced and sell on DVD have a look at my website Utmost Spirit.

Regards for now and please enjoy reading the info...

Steve Core