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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Phuket: It's just a wave

Phuket: It's just a wave
It's just another empty wave - but isn't that we're all searching for?

Everyone thinks there's no surf in Phuket, Thailand. Wrong. I guess it's because it really has not had much coverage globally. But check out this photo that Saltwater Dreaming's Rick Gamble has sent us that was taken this week - just as their wave season is supposedly coming to an end.

No big deal - it's just a wave. But this is Surin Beach, about 10K's North of the popular Patong Beach. So how about the size? Compare it to guy you can see paddling out.

Surin Beach, Phuket, Thailand this week.
Surin is home of Saltwater Dreaming Surf Shop.
If this sparks your interest in perhaps travelling to Phuket, then I suggest you have a good look over Rick Gamble's Saltwater Dreaming website. It's got a surf report and all the good information about breaks, conditions and wave season.

Phuket's best waves are on the island's West facing beaches - in the vast Andaman Sea.

Phuket doesn't get the deep ocean swells fanning over an abundance of reefs like Bali. But it's beaches are nice and white, the waters are crystal clear and really warm all year round. All you need is a bit of Monsoonal activity offshore and bingo - you've got nice little waves to have some fun amongst.

Rick Gamble is an Aussie ex-pat and has the only true salty surf shop on the island. Apart from carry everything you need for any kind of wave riding or SUP, Rick also makes his own local formula Surf Wax called Gekco Glue surf wax - ['cause Geckos can stick to the wall - get it?]. Nice one Rick.

"Undoubtedly the island's best Surf Shop" - says Lonely Planet


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Monday, August 15, 2011

Phuket Surf: 3rd Quiksilver Thailand Surf Competition 2011

Waves for Phuket surfing event could be hit or miss... but stay for the good times afterwards

Quiksilver Surf House opened this month in Patong.
To provide information and surf awareness for the
hoards of International beach goers and surfers
that visit Phuket annually.
I didn’t know to much about surfing on the island of Phuket in Southern Thailand before the airline I work for, Strategic Airlines, started flying there from the start of 2011. I have made some twenty trips there this year and I have started to get to know the place a little bit.

And yes; Phuket does get surf and does have waves. Certainly not anything like the quality, size and power of Bali, but as all surfers know, anywhere where to ocean meets the land and waves can form and break - surfers will be out there trying to ride and conquer them.

With Andaman Sea water temps consistently around 27°C [80°F], crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches - Phuket's beach and reef conditions are as near perfect as any tropical island resort or surf location anywhere in the world.

Next month in September 2011, the island of Phuket will host the 2011 Quiksilver Thailand Surf Competition. There are already more than 100 surfers registered for the competition. Overall, about 300 surfers are expected to compete in the event which include four classes: long board, short board, women and masters [for surfers over 35 years old].

Surfers will be winging their way into Phuket from many countries: USA, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore. These visitors will help boost the local economy during the low season.

Local Surf Shop owner and Phuket's resident surf guru, Rick Gamble of Saltwater Dreaming in Surin Beach,
into a backside move to get around a crumbling section of foam at Kamala Beach in Phuket.
Photo: Neil Armstong Moonwalker Photos
Phuket surfing culture got a boost this month with a major retailer opening a 'surfing promotional center' at Jungceylon shopping mall in Patong Beach.

Quicksilver Surf House opened to promote the upcoming Quiksilver Thailand Surf Competition 2011 and to grow Phuket’s surfing culture, Quiksilver Retail [Thailand] Ltd General Manager Surached Mungthong said. “I would like to help expand the surfing community in Phuket and enable more tourists to experience surfing here. Surf House staff will suggest places and times to surf, as well as help beginners join a surf school in Patong,” Mr Surached said.

Staff will also give out information about the 3rd Quiksilver Thailand Surf Competition 2011 to be held in Patong from September 21-24 in front of Phuket Graceland resort.

This year, the event will become one of six ranked competitions in the ASEAN Surfing Championship held in Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia. The event will also include a “surfing festival” with fashion, music and sports activities.

Local staff man the new Quiksilver Surf House in
Patong's busy Jungceylon
Shopping Centre.
“This year we are holding the competition in Patong Beach because I would like to send out the message that you can surf at any beach in Phuket, not only at Kata Beach,” Mr Surached said.

“I would also like to have more people take part in the fun activities like a surf show by a famous international surfer, surf clinic and games on the beach. On the last night, we will have a live concert on the beach,” he said.

Quiksilver will also co-operate with the Phuket Marine and Coastal Resources Conservation Center to organize a sea grass planting event for the surfers near Pa Khlok.

To register for the competition or for more information, visit: Quiksilver Thailand and Thailand Surf Rider Magazine and Thailand Surfing Organisation.

The Surf House is on the ground floor of Jungceylon near the entrance to Silang Blvd Hall and will be open until the end of September.

For great airfares to Phuket from Brisbane and Melbourne check Strategic Airlines

For Surfing information on Phuket I can highly recommend the experts on surf spots, equipment, surfing lessons, board hire or anything surf; you must check Saltwater Dreaming in Surin Beach. Click on the banner below for SWD's On-line Surf Shop and where ex-pat Aussie Rick Gamble is owner/operator.

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