Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bennett Surfboards turns 60 ...

Bennett Surfboards turns 60

Produced by Velvet Sea - this is a great 5-minute look at iconic Australian Surfboard maker - Bennett Surfboards of Brookvale on Sydney's northern beaches.

A family based business, Bennett Surfboards have been in business since 1956 - that's longer than another other surfboard manufacturer in Australia. 60 years.

Barry's son Greg runs the day-to-day business now.

In the late 1950s surfing exploded in America when Hollywood movies like 'Gidget' where released. In the early '60s boards where being made out of foam and founder, Barry Bennett was on the forefront of the revolution being among the first to blow foam surfboard blanks in Australia.

Born in 1931, Barry started building plywood and balsa surfboards and skis in the 1956 at Waverly in the eastern suburbs of Sydney which quickly became a full-time job. He formed Bennett Surfboards in 1960 and opened a factory dedicated to the manufacture of surfboards and blanks in Brookvale.

During this time a steady stream of surfers who were to become some of Australia’s best surfboard craftsmen were also cutting their teeth in the Bennett factory in Brookvale. Bob McTavish, Geoff McCoy, Nat Young and Midget Farrelly were among many who spent time in the factory honing their skills.

Bennett Surfboards have survived in Brookvale after fellow industry pioneers, Gordon Woods Surfboards, Bill Wallace Surfboards, Dale Surfboards have become history.

Fellow industry icon, Bill Wallace, retired from shaping surfboards in 2012 at the age of 86.

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